Monday, 30 March 2009

wheat and dairy free victoria sponge

Thank you boo, for my yummy wheat and dairy free victoria sponge. The best birthday cake!!! x.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Yummy Elva's Christening

This weekend we catered for little scrumptious Elva's Christening. Elva's lovely mummy Larissa wanted a real traditional English tea party at home to celebrate the occassion, so we whipped up scones, finger sandwiches, mini cupcakes, chocolate strawberries and many more treats, served on vintage china, to help Larissa create the perfect day. Luckily the sun was shining all day and the 'do' was a great success.

Mother's Day 2009

A few pictures from Mother's Day 2009 at bake-a-boo. Thank you to all who joined us for our special afternoon tea, we were extremely busy, and we hope you all enjoyed the tea and the afternoon with your loved ones.

Monday, 23 March 2009

A few things....

Firstly, congratulations to lovely Siva, who won our cupcake competition for comic relief, she won afternoon tea for two at bake-a-boo, which she was ridiculously excited about when I told her! Thank you to everyone who donated to the cupcakes for comic relief.

Secondly check out bake-a-boo on google street view here
we were amused to see two sets of our regulars sitting outside! Ken and Jerry, our extremely amusing backgammon players, who amuse us a few times a week as they play this extremely competitive game with a whole lot of banter, mostly abuse at eachother actually! Whoever looses has to pay the bill, so it really is serious stuff! Then there was Annie & Homer, our regular Friday cappuccino drinkers, they often have 3 0r 4 each!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

pattern and shape week

We're enjoying pattern and shape week, have a look here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring is in the air

Yesterday when we were closed we spent the day vamping the shop for spring. Michelle was spring cleaning and doing some painting in the garden, brightening up our icing table legs!! I was decorating the shop for Easter and re-stocking all our gifts and bits and bobs, with lots of treats for Easter, it's eggs and chicks and bunny galore! I love spring and Easter, it's my favourite celebration, I actually prefer it to Christmas, all the colours and symbols of Easter are so pretty, it's just there are no songs about Easter - me and my sister always say Easter is the 'Most Wonderful time of the year' to the Christmas song tune! It's been really nice to have some sunshine the last few days, I'm going to try to have a walk in the park at some point today to top up on my vitamin D! Spring is also about new things, and while Michelle & I were busy organising (And getting excited about our new filing cabinet) Jonas was trialling a cake with a new tin we just got to make a giant cupcake!! to have as a birthday cake - we're all very excited about it as it looks great, I haven't iced it yet to complete it, but we'll get some pictures up as soon as we do.

We've got a bonkers busy weekend coming up so advance warning that we may go quiet for a few days. It's mother's day weekend so we are almost fully booked with our special Mother's Day tea. We've also got Larissa's tea party that we are catering for at her beautiful home, to celebrate her yummy daughter Elva's christening.

Anyway we'll get some pictures up from the weekend next week, for now here's some pictures of some 'spring' themed cupcakes.

Enjoy the sunshine x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sophie's VIP 15th birthday tea party

Last weekend we celebrated Sophie's 15th birthday, Sophie and her gang hired the whole of bake-a-boo for their exclusive and very civilised tea party, here's some of the goodies that were on the menu for Sophie and the girls...

birthday cakes

Here's a cake we did for felix's 1st birthday, copying the image of a monkey in a jungle scene that he has painted on his bedroom wall, his mummy said that it would be great that he would recognise it. To add to the family gathering they also had a cake for Mavis and Sid (grandma & grandpa) as it was also their wedding anniversary.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mother's Day Afternoon tea

bake-a-boo MOTHER’S DAY TEA

Book now for this special tea at bake-a-boo on Mother’s day.
Treat your mum to a special tea and let bake-a-boo help you show her just how special she is.

Two tea options…..

Boo’s Mother’s day tea - £16 per person
(Minimum 2 people)

Selection of finger sandwiches
Scones with jam and fresh cream
Lemon cupcakes topped with sugar flowers
Teapot shaped vanilla biscuits
Banana cake with passion fruit icing slices
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Sugared favour bags for each guest
All served on tiered cake stands with fresh flowers within the tiers,
scattered rose petals & hearts on the table and a refreshing pot of tea!

Sensitive Mother’s Day tea! - £16 per person
(Minimum 2 people)
(A tea design for gluten allergy and intolerance sufferers, all free from gluten
We can also make this tea ‘dairy free’, but we cannot make it egg free)

Mini filled gluten free rolls
Scones with jam and cream
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Raspberry cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes
Chocolate mocha brownies
Sugared almonds favour bags for each guest
All served on tiered cake stands with fresh flowers within the tiers,
scattered rose petals & hearts on the table, and a refreshing pot of tea!

The Mother’s Day tea is available on Mothering Sunday 22nd March,
as well as Saturday 21st March 2008

All teas served between 2pm & 4:30pm
Although - available earlier on Saturday 21st

Booking is essential, and a 50% deposit must be paid in advance.

60 MINUTES due to the popularity of this tea

To book please call 020 7435 1666.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Rounding off February...

We haven't gone into hiding, just busy with cupcake affairs!! Here's a few bits and bobs we have been up to in rounding off February.

Fadges birthday cupcakes, filled with sweeties (and biscuits!!!)
Estella's baby shower cupcakes
Genevieves fairy themed party cupcakes
and our very own Leon's mini cupcakes with his favourite bailey's icing for the press night of the play he's starring in - Plague over England.

bake-a-boo's March blog more. Enjoy the Sunshine ;0) x