Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Last week was a busy week, parties, cupcakes, celebrations. We also featured this week in the Ham and High for our inauguration cupcakes, apparantly we also got a mention in the Jewish Chronicle, haven't seen it yet, but earlier this year we did some cupcakes for Ben to propose to Natalie, he chose their favourite raspberry cupcakes with 'Will you marry me?' written on them, Ben mentions this story in this ediotrial this week....thank you Ben. Natalie, of course said yes!

We've got another busy week this week, it's birthday party-tastic, back to back celebrations 'in house', on Thursday we celebrate Jessica's 8th birthday at the Boo, followed by little Luca's party on Friday, Kirsty's 'grown up' party on Saturday and a hen party for Sam on Sunday.

Some news from the camp.....
bake-a-boo's very own West End wendy started his rehearsals for his West End Debut next month, leaving us one down in the kitchen, we're missing him whipping up an icing storm for us, and he's missing making his beloved scones!!! We get him back on the weekends though, he can never leave us for the fame and fortune, he loves the scones too much.

Me and Michelle have been putting up lots of Valentines decorations today, there is now a mad sea of pink and red hearts in the shop, and we're starting to feel the love here at bake-a-boo, although both of us have nearly fallen off the ladder a few times and we had a good laugh about how many pins we have put in the wall now.....not good!

Speaking of Valentines, we're doing a special Valentines afternoon tea which you can book on the 13th, 14th, and 15th February, we have a jazzed up and loved up version of our standard afternoon tea, with lots of little extras thrown in. Of course we have also catered for the more 'sensitive' of us, with a gluten and dairy free version of the tea and we've also done one for the kids, so get down to bake-a-boo, if you're celebrating with your loved one or with a bunch of the single girlies, it's a real treat, please email us if you're interested in more info and/or booking... info@bake-a-boo.com

Ok, I'm signing out, I'll leave you behind a footprint of my new pink princess cupcakes that we debued this weekend, the J Dog wasn't happy with me for wanting to top them with loads of strawberry icing, pink wafers, butterflies and glitter, he said it was too much, but they went down a storm here, and they have a jam centre (J can take the credit for that)....mmmmmm.

Ps. Thank you pink Natalie for the beautiful roses that are lighting up the kitchen, made me smile :0) x

Monday, 26 January 2009

Celebrate with cupcakes!

It's been a busy weekend. We've had lots of celebrations at bake-a-boo, with cupcakes of course.

We had Sarah's baby shower 'in house'.... Sarah and co celebrated the pending arrival of her new baby girl with a girly afternoon tea at bake-a-boo this Sunday.

This was the decorated table before we placed down the tea stands and the girls devoured the lot!!

More celebrations....

Amongst others this weekend, we also helped Hannah and Samantha celebrate with cupcakes.

Samantha celebrated the Christening of her littl'un Felix with these cupcakes for her Christening party, and at Hannah's Hen party the girls used these yummy cupcakes to help them recover from the night before!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Obama Cupcakes!

Happy Monday.....apparently it's the most depressing day of the year today, another reason to eat cupcakes I say.
Tomorrow is a reason to be happy that we are a part of history I guess.......
Here's some American themed cupcakes we have done for Dylis to celebrate the inauguration tomorrow...Go Obama!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

baileys and coffee cupcake

so me and the J-dog have come up with a super dooper new Adult only cupcake today. Super fit baileys and dark choc icing on a moist coffee sponge base! its sensational. get involved campers. the ocky dog! x

New cupcakes....

Two new cupcakes in the shop for you today.....

Rhubarb & Custard cupcakes (the two boys in the kitchen are love love loving these, come and get them before they eat them all)

and for the gluten & dairy free-ers - there's new gluten & dairy free cupcake flavour blueberry and passion fruit, (which I'm very 'passionate' about, being a gluten and dairy free-er, I cannot indulge in the boys passion for the Rhubarb & custard, but I'm loving this one)

at bake-a-boo this Saturday 17th January 2009, come and get involved x

Friday, 16 January 2009

its like this!

de for damager back once again with the renegade master!
I'm the lyrical Gangster.....murderer!
so its early its cold and i'm making fairy cakes and choc cupcakes- this makes me happy...but all these old school tunes keep popping into my head and blurting out of me like some sort of poptastic torrettes....and then the boo-master has them in her head and she gets mad at me- ....email me any advice on how i can cure this problem (leon.bakeaboo@gmail.com)
ahhhhhh life at the boo.
The J-dog is developing a new rhubarb and custard cupcake which i think is going to be super FIT!!! Get it here tomorrow......mmmmmmmmmmmmm
I start rehearsals next week the boo-master has come up with a cunning plan to keep me making my magic scones and shaking my sweet ass in this pink palace as well as being a west-end wendy.
So campers i'm off. TTFN. Ocky x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kitchen revamp

The kitchen is getting a bit of a facelift today and to protect her sneakers from paint Michelle dressed them in plastic bags.
The walls look lovely though.

Monday, 12 January 2009

You & Your Wedding Magazine Jan/Feb 09

Here's some Pictures of Gemma & Henry's wedding cupcakes, although we did these cupcakes in 2007, Gemma has had a four page spread about her 'real life' wedding this month in 'You & Your Wedding' magazine (Jan/Feb issue), bake-a-boo gets a lovely mention in this feature as well as some really great pictures of the wedding cupcakes, thanks Gemma, and thanks You & Your Wedding magazine.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Thank you to Pheobe, who gave me a lovely card with cupcakes on today, she really is the cutest....x

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Today has been freeeeeeezing, but it snowed, and I love the snow.

It's been busy here, people must've heard me yesterday when I said that cupcakes were the only answer to the January misery. We've been doing lots of cakes for parties today, including Melissa's mini cupcakes, Melissa who has had three months to order the cakes for her sisters 40th birthday, suddenly remembered this morning (the day of the party) that she hadn't actually ordered any?? Boo came to the rescue and me and Jonas whipped up 100 mini cupcakes for her party tonight. Atleast it kept us warm.

Emma and her girlies had a baby shower here today, and one lady made me smile as she stood in the window this afternoon looking at the cakes and asked 'what cakes do you have today?'

I'm not looking forward to leaving the shop tonight, there is a big freeze on the other side of the door, and it's finding it's way in. I think I'll get straight under the duvet, maybe take home some of the American gossip magazines that Annie (we call her the cappuccino lady - as that's all she has here, atleast two, sometimes four!) left here yesterday, she brings them here every Friday, and I love her for it, thats how I keep up with whats happening in the Hills (new series starts tomorrow - can't wait) So if you love US weekly and People (American imports) bake-a-boo is the place to be on Saturday Morning (After Annies Friday PM drop off) the perfect accompaniment to your cupcake, or (like Annie), your cappuccino.

Good night, keep warm.......open tomorrow at 2pm x

Todays selection of cakes

Friday, 9 January 2009

Just a quick shout out to Donna at cakes cookies and craft shop, this lady is a STAR!!! She helps us out all the time and is just so lovely! so THANK YOU DONNA!

In the bake-a-boo kitchen the working heads are nodding to 'my baby shot me down', it's been a bit of a kareoke slash disco this morning, as me and Leon came in early and tried to bring some joy to the coldness and misery of January today by listening to classics on heart 106.2, we were really hoping to hear girls aloud as we discussed the need to book our girls aloud concert tickets. A few hours later, and Leon's apron is VERY dirty, from all the icing's he has mixed for this weekends orders, Jonas is refusing to be called 'J Dog' by him, as he mixes up yet another batch of gluten free cupcakes, whilst testing Leon on which three rappers contribute to the current tune on his ipod. Meanwhile I'm reprinting our menus as we changed our tables this week, the glass tops have now gone, after a bit of a glass scare and we've gone oil cloth crazy here, I'm still getting used to it, but the word from most people is that they like it? Anyway, it's all about spreading some January cheer today, it's icy, we're broke, we're cold, I know we're all supposed to be on a diet and deep into new years resolutions, but cupcakes and tea really are surely the only answer? We'll be working off our cupcakes here in the kitchen with our kareoke slash disco, try it, it's good for the soul, but not as good as cupcakes x

Monday, 5 January 2009

Welcome to the world of Boo...

We have created this blog for friends and lovely customers of bake-a-boo, one of us will regulary update it to tell you what's going on with us, fun things we have been doing, news and events we think you should know about and of course update you on all things 'cupcake' we hope you enjoy our blog - it's straight 'from bake-a-boo to you', love Boo and all the crew xxx