Monday, 23 March 2009

A few things....

Firstly, congratulations to lovely Siva, who won our cupcake competition for comic relief, she won afternoon tea for two at bake-a-boo, which she was ridiculously excited about when I told her! Thank you to everyone who donated to the cupcakes for comic relief.

Secondly check out bake-a-boo on google street view here
we were amused to see two sets of our regulars sitting outside! Ken and Jerry, our extremely amusing backgammon players, who amuse us a few times a week as they play this extremely competitive game with a whole lot of banter, mostly abuse at eachother actually! Whoever looses has to pay the bill, so it really is serious stuff! Then there was Annie & Homer, our regular Friday cappuccino drinkers, they often have 3 0r 4 each!

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