Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring is in the air

Yesterday when we were closed we spent the day vamping the shop for spring. Michelle was spring cleaning and doing some painting in the garden, brightening up our icing table legs!! I was decorating the shop for Easter and re-stocking all our gifts and bits and bobs, with lots of treats for Easter, it's eggs and chicks and bunny galore! I love spring and Easter, it's my favourite celebration, I actually prefer it to Christmas, all the colours and symbols of Easter are so pretty, it's just there are no songs about Easter - me and my sister always say Easter is the 'Most Wonderful time of the year' to the Christmas song tune! It's been really nice to have some sunshine the last few days, I'm going to try to have a walk in the park at some point today to top up on my vitamin D! Spring is also about new things, and while Michelle & I were busy organising (And getting excited about our new filing cabinet) Jonas was trialling a cake with a new tin we just got to make a giant cupcake!! to have as a birthday cake - we're all very excited about it as it looks great, I haven't iced it yet to complete it, but we'll get some pictures up as soon as we do.

We've got a bonkers busy weekend coming up so advance warning that we may go quiet for a few days. It's mother's day weekend so we are almost fully booked with our special Mother's Day tea. We've also got Larissa's tea party that we are catering for at her beautiful home, to celebrate her yummy daughter Elva's christening.

Anyway we'll get some pictures up from the weekend next week, for now here's some pictures of some 'spring' themed cupcakes.

Enjoy the sunshine x

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