Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Vegan wedding cupcakes

Here's some cakes we did for Jonathan and Catherine's wedding. Both Jonathan and Catherine are vegans, and so are many of their friends, so we made all there cupcakes vegan, they had two flavours, chocolate and coffee and two different designs (which keeps it lovely and simple for us!!) They had lots of orange flowers like gerbera's and daisies in their decorations and floral arrnagements, so they wanted to incorporate the orange and the flowers into the cakes, hence why we used daises in white and orange. Then they had a vegan fruit cake for the top cake, which we topped with the same flowers and an ornage ribbon. I saw Jonathan and Catherine the day the set off on Honeymoon and they were so happy with the cakes and said that their guests couldn't believe that they were all vegan. Congratulations Jonathan & Catherine xx

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