Friday, 9 January 2009

In the bake-a-boo kitchen the working heads are nodding to 'my baby shot me down', it's been a bit of a kareoke slash disco this morning, as me and Leon came in early and tried to bring some joy to the coldness and misery of January today by listening to classics on heart 106.2, we were really hoping to hear girls aloud as we discussed the need to book our girls aloud concert tickets. A few hours later, and Leon's apron is VERY dirty, from all the icing's he has mixed for this weekends orders, Jonas is refusing to be called 'J Dog' by him, as he mixes up yet another batch of gluten free cupcakes, whilst testing Leon on which three rappers contribute to the current tune on his ipod. Meanwhile I'm reprinting our menus as we changed our tables this week, the glass tops have now gone, after a bit of a glass scare and we've gone oil cloth crazy here, I'm still getting used to it, but the word from most people is that they like it? Anyway, it's all about spreading some January cheer today, it's icy, we're broke, we're cold, I know we're all supposed to be on a diet and deep into new years resolutions, but cupcakes and tea really are surely the only answer? We'll be working off our cupcakes here in the kitchen with our kareoke slash disco, try it, it's good for the soul, but not as good as cupcakes x

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