Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Last week was a busy week, parties, cupcakes, celebrations. We also featured this week in the Ham and High for our inauguration cupcakes, apparantly we also got a mention in the Jewish Chronicle, haven't seen it yet, but earlier this year we did some cupcakes for Ben to propose to Natalie, he chose their favourite raspberry cupcakes with 'Will you marry me?' written on them, Ben mentions this story in this ediotrial this week....thank you Ben. Natalie, of course said yes!

We've got another busy week this week, it's birthday party-tastic, back to back celebrations 'in house', on Thursday we celebrate Jessica's 8th birthday at the Boo, followed by little Luca's party on Friday, Kirsty's 'grown up' party on Saturday and a hen party for Sam on Sunday.

Some news from the camp.....
bake-a-boo's very own West End wendy started his rehearsals for his West End Debut next month, leaving us one down in the kitchen, we're missing him whipping up an icing storm for us, and he's missing making his beloved scones!!! We get him back on the weekends though, he can never leave us for the fame and fortune, he loves the scones too much.

Me and Michelle have been putting up lots of Valentines decorations today, there is now a mad sea of pink and red hearts in the shop, and we're starting to feel the love here at bake-a-boo, although both of us have nearly fallen off the ladder a few times and we had a good laugh about how many pins we have put in the wall now.....not good!

Speaking of Valentines, we're doing a special Valentines afternoon tea which you can book on the 13th, 14th, and 15th February, we have a jazzed up and loved up version of our standard afternoon tea, with lots of little extras thrown in. Of course we have also catered for the more 'sensitive' of us, with a gluten and dairy free version of the tea and we've also done one for the kids, so get down to bake-a-boo, if you're celebrating with your loved one or with a bunch of the single girlies, it's a real treat, please email us if you're interested in more info and/or booking... info@bake-a-boo.com

Ok, I'm signing out, I'll leave you behind a footprint of my new pink princess cupcakes that we debued this weekend, the J Dog wasn't happy with me for wanting to top them with loads of strawberry icing, pink wafers, butterflies and glitter, he said it was too much, but they went down a storm here, and they have a jam centre (J can take the credit for that)....mmmmmm.

Ps. Thank you pink Natalie for the beautiful roses that are lighting up the kitchen, made me smile :0) x

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