Thursday, 2 July 2009

The perfect brew..

We are now offerering a delicious new range of loose teas. We have teamed up with local supplier W Martyn to stock their delicious tea blends to serve with your cakes in the shop, and you can also take a box home with you. We have a few varieties including classic black teas like English breakfas and Assam, as well as herbal teas, fruit teas a special blends like summer tea (my favourite!!) The team at bake-a-boo had a tea tasting last week after our lunch (see the image of our mess below!), where we tasted all the different teas, and we all chose our favourites, but all agreed that this tea is just's real tea and it's yummy, but also W Martyn, is such a great supplier, they are local and have been around since 1897! It's a real family run business, with a gorgeous old fashioned shop, which I'm sure hasn't changed much since 1897! It's definately worth a visit to W Martyn in Muswell Hill, just for the experience, and for the delicious smells too! But if you can't make it there, come and visit bake-a-boo and we will make you the perfect brew! x

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